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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 23:54:35 +0100 (BST)From: goldenknight Subject: Dreams of an Angel - 37 (gay/boybands)Hi all!! Here's the next part of Dreams of an Angel. Hope you all enjoy it!Now, I know, I know. The story is shorter than usual, plus that the recentupdates has been quite boring. I'm sorry about that. I'm going through somebusy time with college works and all, so my Creativity Department has beenclosed for a while now. Don't worry. I promise I'll try to get the story upfurther in the future.Any comments or suggestions, well, you know how to contact me. My Yahoo IDis Goldenknightuk if you wish to send me an instant message. Sorry for anybad grammars boys and girl. C'mon! Nobody's perfect!! :)NOTE TO ALL READERS:In order to balance my study time and writings, I decided to set a specifictime for every update. For now on, I'll be updating Dreams of an Angelevery Tuesday & Friday evening (Well, Irish time. I dunno about the timedifferences between my place and yours, guys and gals. You have to figurethat out yourself :P Trust me, I sucked in figuring it out :)). But hey, iftime permits me, I promise I'll update it at other times :) Before the show, onwards to the boring part! Legal matters!Hehehe. You can press 'fast-forward' now. Well, first of all, this story, as you will certainly find outsoon, is TOTALLY fictional. So! If any of you truly believe in it... dude,I'm worried about you. Secondly! None of the guys in the Backstreet Boysare gay! (No matter how hard I wished it :P). But nobody say we couldn'tdream it, heh heh. Thirdly, Warren Worthington is actually a character fromMarvel Comics, X-men known as Angel or recently Archangel. Okay fine, Iadmit it. I'm bored and I am making a pathetic attempt to make life a lil'bit interesting. Its not like I'm gonna publish it or something. What elseto talk about hmm? Oh, there may be some adult gay scenes in thisstory. Unlike my brother, I don't mind writing naughty stuff ;) so! Ifyou're underage, naughty, naughty! I can only ask you to go away, but Icannot do anything else to stop you from reading on anyway. Hell! I've beensneaking into the internet to watch gay porns since I was 13! So, if yourparents or whoever responsible for you catch you, don't say I didn't warnedyou. However, if you're homophobic... well maybe I can seduce you enough toturn you around heh heh. I do so love a challenge ;) Anyway, enough talk. Any comments or boos or suggestion orwhatever, just sent it to the same address as in NNTs,goldenknightukyahoo.co.uk . Yeah, we shared the same address. Preteen Art Models Don'task. Long story. Okay then! On to the show. Now, don't be shy now. If you got anycomments or suggestions, just drop me Preteen Art Models a note. You do the request, and I'lldo the show. Andy**********************************Part 37: 'To Be Loved By An Angel'"This is a nice place that you got here, Nick."Warren smiled as he stood by the car with his bags in his hands, gazing atthe nearby sea appreciatively."I thought you'd like it." Nick grinned as he unlocks the door of his housewhile balancing his bags at the same time. "But if you wanna fly, you needto wait till its dark. This area is not as isolated as it looks."Warren didn't answer. Nick laughed softly as he felt the intense feeling oflonging from his lover's mind... no doubt Warren is contemplating ofripping the straps from his wings and fly off into the four winds.The landing and the rest of the journey to Nick's house were far fromeventful. They did stop by Lance's house for a while to drop the guy offthere. Then they made their way slowly through the freeways, taking theirown time and pleasure to enjoy their first time alone together."Hellooo?? Yoo-hoo!! Earth to Bird-Boy! Are you there?" Nick called beforelaughing when Warren jumped in surprise. "What's news from La-la-Land?""Very funny." Warren smiled as he walks into the house with the Preteen Art Models rest of theluggage. Looking around the house, he raised his eyebrowappreciatively. "Niceeee! So this is how a famous boyband singer's houselooks like.""Perhaps not as good as the house of a certain multi-billionaire, but goodenough for me." Nick answered cheerfully as he dumps the bag in thehallway.He laughed when Warren wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck."You can live in a run-down shack for all I care, I will still love you."Warren murmurs happily as he inhales the refreshing aroma of Nick'smysterious cologne deeply. "Mmmm... I wish you tell me what you're using asyour cologne. I searched Preteen Art Models your room high and low for it but I can't seem tofind it. You've been hiding it from me, don't you?"Nick grinned as he turned his face to the side to capture Warren's lips andthey kissed deeply and lazily as soon as their lips met."Mmmph... Keep... (kiss)... on... (kiss)... looking... (kiss)... loverboy... (kiss)..."Nick mumbled as they kissed."House rule... (kiss)... number 1... (kiss)... inWorthington... (kiss)... household... (kiss)..." Warren smiled amidst thekisses, wrapping his arms around Nick tighter. "Nevertalk... (kiss)... with... (kiss)... yourmouth... (kiss)... full... (kiss)..."Nick's ensuing laughter vibrated throughout their body as they deepenedtheir kiss further. He turned around fully to face Warren and he wasn'teven aware of the fact that he is suddenly pinned against the front door,kissing desperately, their breath coming out in heaves, their tongueswrestling each other lazily and their hands slithering like snakes all overeach other's body... until..."OWWW!!!" Nick yelled and Warren pulled away quickly, staggering slightlyas the wound on Nick's side flared painfully through thelink. "Ow... ow... ow... ow... OWW.""Baby, I'm sorry!" Warren spoke desperately as he removed his hand from thewounded area. "I'm so, so sorry!!"Nick sag in his arms weakly, whimpering and groaning painfully. Cursinghimself inwardly again and again for being so stupid, Warren gently liftsNick up, cradling him in his arms and hurried into the living room where helaid him out onto the couch.Kneeling beside him worriedly, he quickly unwrap the bandages to check thestitches, praying fervently that he didn't messed it up too badly. After amoment of careful assessment, Warren sighed in relief and placed thebandages back into place. It was not too bad. The stitches were ruffled alittle bit, but he didn't mess it up too much. The pain will pass."Warren..." Nick breathed out tiredly, his eyes closed."I'm sorry, Nick." Warren spoke softly."Hold me..." Nick mumbled out. "I'll be all right in a while... just holdme for a minute or two 'kay?""Take your time, baby." Warren spoke softly. He gently lifts Nick into asitting position for a brief moment; brief enough for him to slip behindhim and pull him against his chest, wrapping his hand around himgently. His back feels very uncomfortable, as his tightly strapped wingsprotested against his chosen position, but he ignores it completely. "I'mhere for you. Just rest against me and take your time. You want me to usethe link to take the pain away?""No." Nick answered immediately. "No, I'll be alright in a while. Just holdme."They fell silent for several minutes. Warren held him in his arm carefully,this time, paying careful attention to avoid the wounded area. Nick restshis head against Warren's chest gratefully, feeling absolutely safe withinthe embrace of those strong arms. Twenty minutes or so pass by before theflaring pain on his side diminishes into mere throbbing."You okay now?" Warren whispers into his ears, his breath felt nice andwarm against his skin."Yeah." Nick smiled at last. "Sorry about that.""It's my fault, honey." Warren spoke softly, his chest vibrating slightlyas he speaks. "I should have been more careful.""Now, let's not start the blaming games okay?" Nick replied cheerfully ashe struggles to sit up despite his desire to remain in his lover's gentleembrace. "God, I just wish this stupid wound heals quickly. Help me up willyou?"In moments, Warren found himself half-supporting Nick around the room."Help me upstairs to my room, baby." Nick winced slightly as he walked. "Ithink I have some painkillers in the bathroom. Let me take some of thatbefore I take you on a grand tour around the house.""Allow me." Warren smiled as he sweep Nick off his feet and cradle himgently in his arms. "Just point the way, li'l tiger."Nick giggled softly as he allowed himself being carried up the stairs."Aren't we supposed to be married first or something before doing this?""This is a special situation." Warren grinned as he reaches the top. "We'lldo it properly later. Now point the way before I go mad from having thisstupid straps around my wings.""Aww, my poor little angel." Nick laughed as he pointed at one of thedoors. "That room."Warren hurriedly enters the room and sat Nick on the bed."Ah-ah-ah. Preteen Art Models You sit there. I'll get the painkillers." Warren smiled. Nickrolled his eyes and began to stand but Warren pushes him back onto thebed. "Sit! Stay!"Nick's eyes widened at the stern voice and he complied obediently."Do you want me to bark now?" Nick spoke at last when he finally found hisvoice. "Woof!"Warren's laughter floated back from the bathroom."Good boy!"He came out later carrying the painkillers and a glass of water."Bon appetite." Warren smiled as he handed the tablets and water to Nick.Nick glares at him one last time before chugging it all down, lying down onhis bed gratefully as he waited for the painkillers to work itsmagic. Warren sits next to him, gently massaging his hand."You okay now, baby?" Warren looked at him lovingly."Mmmmm..." Nick smiled blissfully Preteen Art Models before looking at Warren's glitteringblue eyes, glowing with love. He sat up again lazily, never breaking hisgaze on Warren's eyes. "You're so sweet to carry me up like that."Nick leaned over slowly and their lips met once again. The kiss is slow andgentle this time, both taking their own time in tasting each other. Warrenclosed his eyes blissfully as he allows Nick to take over this time. Heparted his lips wider, pressing it harder against Nick's, urging his loverto go deeper. Nick willingly did, breathing heavily as his tongue ravageshis lover without mercy. Warren breath caught when Nick's fingers found hisnipples and began manipulating it gently."Mmmppff..." Warren moaned blissfully within the kiss, their tonguescaressing each other lazily. His hands traveled downwards, past thewell-defined six-pack, taking care to keep clear of the wounded area, andonwards past the belt to feel and caress the hard bulge below it.They parted at last, panting breathlessly. Nick closed his eyes and gaspedrepeatedly as Warren's hand continues his caress. Warren only smiled at theobvious lust emanating from Nick's mind through the link."I thought painkillers are supposed to make you drowsy." Warren grinned."Don't Preteen Art Models you dare remove your hand, mister." Nick growled before breakinginto a grin. "Remove Preteen Art Models it and you die."Warren only laughed softly as he continues his ministration."I love you, Warren." Nick whispers softly as he leaned in for anotherkiss.Warren sighed blissfully as they kissed again, deeper now, and morepassionate. He hands left the crotch and travels up to Preteen Art Models the back of Nick'sneck, stroking the hair tenderly.The kiss was short yet it was sweet and full of love and passion. When theyparted, Nick stood up slowly, never breaking his gaze from those beautifulsky blue eyes. Grasping Warren's hands, he pulls his lover to his feetslowly.Their gazes never falter. Warren smiled and allowed Nick to push his jacketoff him and allowed it to slide to the floor. He Preteen Art Models moved his hands out of theway invitingly as Nick's hand slid to his belt and switches off the imageinducer.His image rippled and Nick eyes lit up when his blue skin appears onceagain, followed by his wings, strapped carefully and tightly on hisback. Reaching behind for the tiresome straps, Nick slowly unbuckles it."Angels are not meant to be caged." Nick said as he smiled.Warren sighed and smiled happily in relief when the straps are finally off."Spread your wings, love." Nick whispers breathlessly, his eyes glowing atthe sight when Warren spread his wings apart gloriously. "Be free."Silence stretches on for a while. Outside, the sun began to set, castingits golden-yellow rays against the closed blinds. Warren flapped his wingsagain and again to loosen his muscles while Nick watched in awe at thebreathless sight."Warren." Nick spoke again."Hmm?""You're beautiful." Said Nick as he touches Warren's chestgently. "Apocalypse be damned. Your past be damned. You're Death nolonger. You're Warren Worthington the Third, Archangel, my littleangel... and... and I will *always* love you.""God, I love you too, Nick." Warren breathed out as he leans forward andswept them both off again into yet another passionate kiss; one that goeson forever in their mind, never ceasing, never ending... eternity.************************************About half an hour later..."So! For your dining pleasure tonight, let ze Chef Warren first inspectwhat you have in your fridge." Warren grinned as he waltz himself over tothe fridge and open it. His grin vanished immediately as he stares into itin disbelief. "Umm... Nick, honey... for your information, a fridge is whatwe humans use to store our food..."Nick burst out in laughter from the stool where he sat by the kitchen tableupon seeing Warren's stunned face. His laughter increases even more whenWarren gingerly picks up a set of batteries from the fridge."Don't tell me you eat *this*." Warren glances at him in disbelief as hewaved the batteries."I've been on tour for a couple of months, dummy!" Nick wiped away histears when he finally controlled his laughter. "Of course the fridge Preteen Art Models isempty. But you should have seen your face."He lost himself into another bouts of laughter."Yeah well, that still doesn't explain *this*." Said Warren as he waves thebatteries again."I... (laughter)... I have *no* idea how (giggles) *that* got in there..."Nick laughed on.Warren rolled his eyes as he casually releases the batteries into thenearby bin, grumbling to himself grumpily. Nick managed to catch only bitsand pieces of it, such as '... spoilt brat...' and '... worst than me...'and so on and so fourth."So here's our situation. We can either starve to death tonight or pick upthe phone and order pizza." Said Warren. He looks down when his stomachgrumbles loudly. "Make it lots and lots and lots of pizza.""I'll do it, Birdie." Nick grinned as he picks up the cordless phone fromone of the drawers where he hid it earlier. "Anything in particular?"He got off the stool and followed Warren out of the kitchen into the livingroom, dialing the number as he did."Make it three separate pizzas for the sake of variety, one of them musthave pepperoni and lots and lots and lots of extra cheese on it. As for theother two... surprise me." Warren smiled lazily as he jumped into thecouch, folding his wings neatly and carefully as he did. Because of thewarm night, he opted into wearing only his pajama bottom and looking at hiswell-built half-naked blue body; it was all Nick could do from giving up tohis hormonal urges, jump onto him and take him there and then.He pulled Nick gently onto him, spreading his legs and resting it on eachside of his lover. He pulled Nick Preteen Art Models close as Nick began ordering the pizza onthe phone, while his other hand picks up the remote control and switches onthe TV. Pressing the remote control again and again, he began the arduoustorture of channel browsing..."Any channel in particular?" Warren asked when Nick put down the phone andleans against his naked chest.He immediately looked at Nick when the man starts rubbing his back up anddown against him... an action that quickly stimulates a rock hard erectiondown there. No doubt Nick felt it against his back. Going commando thatnight, it'll take more that the thin fabric of his Preteen Art Models pajama bottom to hidesuch hard bulge. Peering at Nick quietly, he was only greeted by amischievous grin on Nick's face."There! Now I'm comfortable." Nick laughed at last as he settle down."You're playing with fire, baby." Warren smiled as he gets back to browsingthe channels. "Don't start something you cannot stop.""What if I want to?"Warren's head swivel around to start at Nick who winked at him as he grins."You're dangerous, baby. Very dangerous." Warren replied, shaking his headas Nick laughed.*******************************Next Tuesday, Part 38: 'I'll Be There For You'
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